DEMnet – Full Service Inbound Marketing Agency

Information, analysis and consultancy at the top level is something we deliver. The knowledge and all the necessary tools to drive converting traffic to your eGaming brand or business of any other competitive industry is something we possess. We do what we know best in the industry we know the best and our customers can speak for us.

With more than 9 years of experience in the digital marketing and 5 years specializing in the online gaming and the most competitive of search markets, we have what it takes to get you to the top spots.

Currently we are actively involved in Italian, Spanish, English(international), Russian and Portuguese markets.


You have a great product; still, it does not guarantee success, you need to. We bring out your product to customers through organic search.

Conversion Optimization

Your customers are already here. Just the last step left – one last click of the mouse. A sale, success. We know, how to close.

Content Creation

We do not write for search engines. We write to create a value for your customers, but we as well keep in mind what is encouraged by search engines.

Link Building

This is still what competitive industries is about. It is still where there are lot of myths. We know what works, what no longer does, we have networks for your website to grow and overtake competitors.

How We Work

Search Engine Marketing

First of all, it is an audit of where your site and product stands currently. We analyze your website and business model. Based on data we come up with an action plan both with short term opportunities and long term goals for increasing the website's performance. Characteristically, the industry of gambling has vast amount of myths of what works and what does not. We have tested them and we are certain to offer knowledge which is effective in use.

External SEO

The key here is the long-term sustainability. First of all, it is creating the keyword strategy. Data is the key - volume, click-thru-rates and effective CPM we get from those visitors. And lastly building lasting relationships with link partners - real websites, which can provide relevancy and authority.

Social Media Marketing – Building a Real Strategy

It is not just about being there, because everybody is there. It is about asking what it will give to our clients, what real value in terms of revenue will be gained. First, we find the answer to this question. Second, we decide how to implement - the strategy. Third - taking action. The part which always is the hardest - show a real return on invesment in Social Media.

Recent Work

Capello Index

Capello Index

Capello Index is a football analysis system for the football fans developed by Fabio Capello. Through the website you can…
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AssoPoker is the biggest and oldest poker news and affiliation site in Italy. However; it had lost some of its positions due to younger competitors very actively using SEO for ranking. We worked to get them back
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